CCTV has many varied systems, and a number of key applications for your office or home. Along with providing complete security coverage across your property, closed circuit TV also acts as a very effective visual deterrent against potential thieves and family.

Installing CCTV systems, Videotech Service Centre provide home owners and commercial organizations the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive security coverage at a very competitive price.

24-hour monitoring keeping you covered

With our most popular CCTV systems’ alert messages are sent & any security breaches or unwanted trespassing will be immediately identified, with the relevant authorities & concern people being instantly alerted.

Experience leading to quality and reliability

Our engineers’ expertise has been built up over many years and assures the quality and reliability of your CCTV installation. Our wealth of experience also means that we have a keen eye for the best security products, and only install CCTV systems manufactured by the best in the industry.

We provide specialised systems for the following:
    • External and internal areas
    • Clear pictures of visitors to premises
    • Vehicle registration monitoring
    • Remote & wireless monitoring via LAN or broadband
    • 24 hour monitoring & CCTV system for quick response
    • Covert & overt cameras for threatened areas
    • Process control in manufacturing and other work places
    • Mobile CCTV on cars, boats, building sites -even underwater
    • Hire of temporary CCTV for events, exhibitions etc.
    • Integrated CCTV with intruder and access control

Digital CCTV systems

The latest digital CCTV systems dramatically improve results and typically include extended hours of recording onto hard disk. High resolution, images of superb quality allowing remote access via broadband internet connection.

Other practical features of our digital CCTV installations include built-in CD writers for duplicating recording of incidents, movement initiated recording, number plate recognition systems, and automatic patrolling. Fast moving cameras will also automatically track and focus on opening doors.

Extensive aftercare

We offer a full back-up and maintenance service, and apply relevant manufacturer’s warranty guarantees on equipment. We undertake regular maintenance, provide relevant accessories and advise on other practical matters.

Our central office is located in Mumbai, leaving us well placed to provide the complete service, including installation, maintenance and repair to customers throughout & around the city with the help of our channel partners.

Please feel free to contact our friendly team if you would like any further information or advice about security and access control services, be it at home or workplace.
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