Intruder Alarm
Videotech Service Centre will design, install and maintain a quality intruder alarm system whether you require protection for your home and family or for your business and employees.

Videotech Service Centre Intruder alarm systems are designed for use in the widest of applications, from single retail outlets and offices, to large high security installations such as banks, financial institutions or vulnerable, high risk sites such as public utilities, railways and airports.

24 hour response and call-out service

All of our systems offer a 24 hour response and are backed up by a 24 hour call out service. These features are not available with DIY or off the shelf alarms.

Instant detection

As soon as an intruder enters your property, your alarm will be immediately triggered, guaranteeing you the peace of mind of knowing that your home or business is secured and protected at all times.

State of the art sensors, control panels, sounders and communication methods all complying with the relevant standards ensure not only a quick and effective confirmation of intruder detection but the best ever immunity to false alarms.

This combination greatly helps rapid response via the alarm receiving system.

Experience that ensures quality and longevity

Sometimes even the best security products can be undermined by haphazard or inexperienced installation practices. This will often incur additional costs and hassle in the form of repeated repair, bug fixing or outright replacement. Having been inspecting, installing and repairing intruder alarm systems in a variety of commercial and domestic environments for nearly three decades, you can rest assured that all intruder detection and alarm installations will be of the highest quality. Our team’s experience in the security industry means that we know everything to look for in a quality product – and everything needed to install, maintain & repair it expertly.

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